Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Author's Resolutions

Here in Homer, we've been having some gorgeous sunrises lately. Here's one. The great thing about our winter sunrises is you don't have to get up early to see them. I took this photo somewhere around 10:00 am. And just a few hours after that, the sun set. But wow, is it beautiful when it's around!

So, any great New Year's resolutions to share? Mine are always pretty much the same: lose weight, write more, do more yoga (I'm a yoga freak, by the way.) This year I'm trying something different. 2010 will be my first full year as a published author, and I've realized that's a huge change. It's something I have to adapt to. So here are some "Author's Resolutions."

1. Don't take things personally. Once your story leaves the nest, other people get to have their opinions. This can hurt. Or it can put you on top of the world. Either way, it's not personal. Everyone sees things differently. If I take people's opinions too much to heart, it's hard to do my thing.

2. Keep getting better. In other words, don't be satisfied with what I've learned so far. Keep learning, keep working, keep playing. Keep an open mind.

3. Be grateful. I love writing, and I need to remember every day to give thanks for the chance to express that part of myself.

4. Read more. I used to think I might forget my own voice by reading other people's books. But it's not true. There are some amazing writers out there and I can learn from every one of them.

5. Enjoy the ride. The writing life has amazing ups and crushing downs. I'll try to remember that none of it is "good" or "bad" ... it's all about the ride!

I'm open to more resolutions, while I'm at it...I'd love some suggestions!

Happy New Year,



Laurann Dohner said...

I just got published in 2009 too! Reviews are a terrifying prospect! LOL. Last year I lost 30 pounds so this year I want to lose that last 25 pounds I put on having 4 kids. A lot of our goals are the same. Happy New Year!
And BTW... I read Doll and LOVED it!

Juniper Bell said...

Thanks, Laurann! And congratulations on all your amazing 2009 accomplishments. Here's to a even better 2010 ... I wish you luck with all your goals. Maybe we can cheer each other on! ;)