Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Reviews for Go Wild

It's always a relief when you get your first reviews and they're not a disaster. Great reviews are even better, of course! The first reviews of GO WILD are coming in, so I thought I'd share a couple.

Romance Junkies gave it 4 blue ribbons and had some great things to say. Here's a sample:

"a deliciously dirty story ... Juniper Bell weaves a spell binding story that will make you shiver with delight ...While GO WILD is definitely erotic, at its core this is a love story...it was a fantastic read from start to finish!'

Night Owl Reviews calls GO WILD a "smoking hot story" and gave it 4 stars. You can click on the two links to read the complete reviews.

Big thanks to the reviewers who took the time to read GO WILD and share their thoughts. Reviewing books isn't easy -- I sure couldn't do it! But someone has to, and I truly appreciate you guys.

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