Monday, September 19, 2011

First Review for GO DEEP

Big sigh of relief -- the first review of Go Deep is in, and it's a great one! 5 hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. I love that blog, so it's even more exciting. Here's the link, and a few choice snippets.

"I was sucked into Go Deep very quickly. Gavin and Beth are unique characters and I loved the depth and emotion that Juniper Bell was able to give them in a short amount of space."

"Go Deep is a touching and revealing story that left me missing Gavin and Beth as I finished it."

 Thank you, Stacey and Sizzling Hot Books, for such a lovely, thoughtful review.



swamimommy said...

just finished Go Deep, it was amazing. I love everything you've written. thank you

Juniper Bell said...

Thank you so very much, Swamimommy! You just made my day -- maybe my month! Hugs!