Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Life for The Extremist

I just realized I haven't mentioned my re-release of The Extremist here yet! I got busy with the release of Go Deep and kept putting it off ...

So here it is. The Extremist was my first erotic romance novella and one of my favorites because it's about a woman coming out of her shell--a great way to begin my career as a writer of steam. ;-) Liquid Silver Books published it, for which I will always be grateful. Now I have the rights back, so I decided to put it up on Amazon and Smashwords. Dar Albert created this gorgeous, sexy new cover, Kinsey W. Holley helped me with some editing and formatting, and voila! It also has a new, lower price -- one I think is more suited to a novella. It will also eventually be available on Kobo, Nook, Sony E-reader, etcetera.

Here's the blurb and the Kindle buy link if you'd like to check it out.



Sex on the beach…just what the doctor ordered.

Lovely, shy Annie Swenson has a few phobias. Okay, more than a few. Crowds, heights, sun, public exposure.  When her therapist urges her to take a vacation, she picks a remote island in the Bahamas – the perfect solo hideaway.

So much for plans. Who knew she’d be the only single woman at the resort? Who knew her nemesis from college would be staying there?  Who knew she’d be desperate enough to introduce the gorgeous man behind her in the buffet line as her boyfriend?  

The sexy stranger goes along with her charade…for a price. Before she knows it, she’s playing his erotic, boundary-pushing games and loving it. How far will she go? How many of her inhibitions will she shatter? And who is this mysterious man known as “The Extremist”? After a vacation like this, Annie’s life will never be the same.

Reader Advisory: This novella contains explicit sex, light bondage, exhibitionism, a supremely hot Aussie, and, of course, sex on the beach. 

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Thanks, Lissa! It was a fun adventure doing the self-publishing thing. It taught me that I still like publishers. ;-)

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I loved this book.