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You can tie a girl up, but you can’t keep her down…

…the Receptionist, Book 3

In the year since Dana joined Ethan and Simon’s firm, the three of them have found the perfect balance of power and pleasure in their three-way, work/play relationship. Not only that, but it’s been the firm’s most successful year financially.

Except something is missing. Her men won’t tell her anything about their past. How they met, or how they formed such an unconventional business and personal partnership. Until they start sharing their secrets, Dana fears she’ll always be the odd girl out.

Everything changes when a vengeful former partner resurfaces. Suddenly, both the business and their idyllic relationship are under siege. With a tax auditor watching their every move, the three must be on their best behavior.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Dana seizes the chance to prove herself—and finally win her sexy bosses’ full trust and confidence. Now the race is on to root the evil nemesis out of their lives once and for all—before her dream relationship cracks under the pressure. 

The red button on my phone blinked—Ethan was calling me into his office. “I’ll come by later,” I told Standish, and hurried to find out what Ethan wanted.
Apparently he wanted to glower at me with a double dose of Blue Fury from behind his desk. “What are you trying to pull?”

I twined my hands behind my back, a perfect little schoolgirl. “Excuse me?”

“I warned you about Standish. I said we were to behave with complete professionalism.”

“Which is exactly what I’ve done.” I lifted my nose in the air. This had the effect of accentuating my breasts. His gaze flicked across me.

“That outfit is hardly professional.”

“Depends on your profession,” I said pertly. From behind me came a click.

Excitement churned inside me. I knew that sound—the remote controlled lock on Ethan’s door. The atmosphere in the room turned suddenly heavy and charged.

Ethan’s voice dropped into the sudden tension with two stern words. “Come. Here.”

“Fine.” I stepped forward. “But I feel I should remind you of the current policy against physical contact established by the head of this firm...” I broke off
with a squeak, finding myself suddenly turned across his lap. In the space of half a second, I was staring at the beige carpet and feeling my skirt yanked over my head.

“You’re pushing me,” Ethan growled. The sound of a drawer opening came next. Ethan’s treasure chest of sex toys. Excitement shot through me, made me wet between the legs. All these sounds were like cues to me, announcing we’d reached Punishment Time.

About time. All that abstaining stuff had been driving me crazy. I decided to push him harder.

“You’re breaking the rules, Ethan. You said no physical...”

Wham. The paddle. The flat wood came down on my right cheek. I yelped as adrenaline flooded my brain. The next spank followed right on top of the previous one. When Ethan paddled me, he gave me no room to rest, no room to catch up to the pace of his strokes. I clutched the side of his leg, afraid I’d lose all sense of where I was. The carpet blurred before my dazed vision. He maneuvered his knee so my clit, with its delicate piercing, pressed against the fabric of his trousers—a fine woolen weave. Caught between his hard spanking and the pressure of his knee, I felt wild spirals of arousal somersault through my body.

Adding to the general frenzy was the fact that my breasts were hanging over the edge of his thigh and the weight of the bronze dragged on my nipples. Every time Ethan spanked me, my breasts would get jostled and a charge would shoot straight to my nipples, then ricochet back to my pussy. If only I could make him stop for a second so I could take them off.

I opened my mouth to request this, but only a desperate wheeze came out. Ethan wouldn’t stop anyway, not for a silly reason like that. I’d have to grit my teeth and bear the spiraling pleasure, the maddening friction against my clit.

“You insist on being disobedient, don’t you?” Spank. “Even when I spell out exactly what I need from you, that little rebel inside has to thumb her nose at me.” Spank.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped. “I shouldn’t have worn this. I’ll take it off.”

“Do you think that’s funny?” The spanking stopped suddenly. I blew out a long breath of relief, then yelped as his thumb worked its way into my pussy. With my clit still pressed against his pants leg his thumb explored inside me, pressing one spot then another, until he hit the jackpot—the one that made me jerk like a marionette. His hot thumb applied a slow, steady pressure from above, his knee from below, until I became nothing more than a quivering, whimpering slice of Dana in an Ethan sandwich. I raced toward a mind-blowing climax, bucking and twisting in his lap.

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Jacki C. said...

that looks like a great story!

Colleen said...

Sounds good... have to add this book to my list! Happy New Year!

Nancy G said...

I have all of these...now I need to find the time to actually sit back and really enjoy them!!

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Belinda G said...

Wow, what a hot scene from the book. It will be interesting to see how this all ends. Wonderful excerpt!

Best wishes for the coming year!

Thanks for the opportunity to know you.

Belinda G
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Susan W said...

Nice excerpt!

Rae M. said...

That definitely woke me up! Thanks for sharing!