Friday, August 2, 2013

Release Day for MY THREE MASTERS

It's here! This is my most-requested sequel, the continuation of the story of MY THREE LORDS. In MY THREE MASTERS, the Marquis de Beaumont takes center stage, as he falls in love with a mysterious servant girl. His arrangement with Alicia, the Countess of Dorchester, her husband the Earl, and the devastating Duke of Warrington is just as fascinating and complicated as ever.

It’s been years since the Marquis de Beaumont, London’s most notorious rake, felt anything more than sexual need. But something about the mysterious nursemaid Miranda Brown catches his eye. Why is her face so terribly scarred? Why does her speech slip into the cadence of the upper class? Why is she haunting his dreams?

Miranda is used to hiding in plain sight. After fleeing her vicious guardian, she’s wary of everyone, especially the Marquis, who stars in her most secret nighttime fantasies. But not even her fantasies could prepare her for the truth about the Marquis, the Duke, the Earl and the Countess…or for the intense passion that flares between them. As the secrets from her past begin to surface, she fears their fragile bond won’t survive, and that not even her three masters will be able to save her from a cruel fate.
Inside Scoop: This Regency-set tale boasts ménage, BDSM…just about everything you could possibly want in a hot historical. 

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