Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Discovering the Cover

It's a stunning image, so simple, so unique and such an absolutely perfect representation of my story, DOLL. It captures so many aspects of DOLL -- the mood, the theme, the style. How did the artist -- Kanaxa -- do it?

I'd like to say I worked closely with her, providing her with brilliant suggestions and design elements. Or that I had this genius idea for a black-and-white photo, and she took the concept and ran with it.

Sadly, none of that happened. Here's my personal, particular experience with the cover art process.

At the beginning, I submitted some basic information about the story, characters and setting. I also offered up my suggestions for what the cover should look like. I had all kinds of ideas ... mostly having to do with the Maine island on which DOLL is set. I pictured looming cliffs, moody pine trees and a sexy, bare-chested fisherman. With maybe a doll somewhere in the mix.


When I saw this cover, I was blown away. There's Chloe, my heroine. In a pose that completely expresses the turning point at which she finds herself in DOLL. Torn between her past and her future. Haunted by memories, struggling to free herself for a new life, a new love. This cover says so much about the story, and yet it's so simple and unique. But would I ever have come up with it? No way.

So I'd like to give a shout-out of gratitude to Kanaxa and to all artists who lend their creativity and skills to writers like me who have absolutely no visual talents.

For more about DOLL, here's the link to Samhain Publishing's "coming soon" page, with the blurb and other details.

And on the Samhellion site I've posted a Free Read called "Doll, Interrupted" which sets the scene for "DOLL." Click here to download it.



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