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"Falling Star" by Olivia Brynn

Time to welcome another fabulous author friend, Olivia Brynn! Falling Star is coming out this Monday, December 7 from Liquid Silver Books. I've been looking forward to it for a while! Here's a little bit about it:

Falling Star - Blurb

Adam Nash is a superstar. House, cars, money, women … he’s got it all. Yeah, he’s conceited, but with his looks and talent why shouldn’t he be? Not until he’s banned from another hotel for his drunken antics does he realize that it’s time to grow up and treat his music as a career and not a free ride. Now Adam has set his sights on florist Jade Graham. She’s not the kind of woman he’s used to, she’s too smart to play the role of arm-candy. Adam is going to have to keep his celebrity status a secret for as long as possible, because what woman in her right mind would get attached to a playboy without a conscience? Jade Graham is going to be one tough case, but she seems hell bent on proving that there is more than one way for a star to fall.

And here's an Excerpt:

“Good morning, Earth Scents.”

“Is this Jade?” Adam smiled. He recognized her voice, of course it was her.

“It is. Who is this?”

“My name is Adam. You sold me some lilies last week.”

His grin only widened at the pause. Probably as soon as he walked out of her shop that day, she figured out who he was. He’d just given her his first name, and now she was too flustered to speak.

“I apologize sir, but I sell a lot of lilies, and I couldn’t possibly remember each order. Was there a problem with your bouquet?”

You’ve got to be kidding. So he really was going to have to go through with this charade. On to plan B. “No Jade. Nothing was wrong with the flowers. She especially liked the teddy bear.”

She laughed. Adam could almost see the bright smile through the phone. “I’m glad she liked them. Is ... was there ... I’m sorry ... Adam. Your name just doesn’t ring a bell.”

“I don’t think I gave you my name, I apologize.” And you didn’t ask, he added silently. Seriously, this was getting a little ridiculous.

“Well, I appreciate the call sir. I hope you’ll think of us the next time you need to spread a little sunshine.”

Was she brushing him off? He stifled a laugh. “I assure you I will, but that’s not why I called.” Jesus she was making him work for this, wasn’t she? He purposefully waited to continue, just to irritate her a bit. “The lilies were such a hit, I wanted to take the florist out to celebrate.”

“Well now, if they were that big of a hit, she probably wouldn’t want you to celebrate with the florist.”

“I doubt my secretary would mind if I took you to dinner.”

“Oh,” she laughed. “I see. That’s ah...” Her voice faded.

He hadn’t been turned down by a female since seventh grade, but he had the feeling that was what was coming. “When do you close Earth Scents?”

“Mr. ... uh Adam, I haven’t agreed to dinner with you.”

Was he scaring her? “No, but you haven’t hung up on me yet either.”

“I’m at a disadvantage, here. When did you come in?”

Was he that forgettable? Even if his face wasn’t plastered all over every tabloid in the supermarket checkout line, he liked to think he was a fairly good-looking guy. “I’m trying very hard not to be offended that you don’t remember me. Maybe it was just because it was my first time in a flower shop.”

Another pause. “Oh! Yes, I remember now. I embarrassed myself when I assumed you were gay.”

Adam laughed. “That was me.”

“No, you didn’t give me your name.”

“Well, now you have it. Can I pick you up at home, or would you rather I stop by Earth Scents?”

“I don’t remember you as being this tenacious when you were in my shop.”

“You don’t remember me at all, so that’s not saying much.” Is this what the average man has to go through? “Look, it’s just dinner. I’ll even spring for dessert.”

He couldn’t believe he was bouncing his leg impatiently. Who cares if she turns him down? There was always that supermodel who gave him her phone number last week. Though at this particular moment he couldn’t remember her name. Really Adam. Who cares if she turns you down?

He cared. Probably just out of pride, but he cared.

“I’m not really dressed for a dinner date. I’m afraid I got in a fight with some foliage this afternoon and I’m covered in soil. By the time I get home and change...”

Okay, Plan C. “We can save the dress-up thing for another time. All I had in mind tonight was a greasy burger at a family restaurant, maybe a beer or two. No one will notice a little bit of dirt.” At her continued reluctance, he couldn’t believe he actually added, “Please?”

It worked. She laughed, and gave in. “Alright. I close the shop at six, should I meet you somewhere?”

“What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t pick you up?”

“Oh, so you’re a gentleman?” He could actually hear her smile in her words. Why that pleased him so much, he didn’t know.

“You bet your ass! Oh ... oops.” He tried to sound contrite, and was rewarded with another throaty laugh in his ear. Damn it was sexy.

“Well, kind sir, I have a customer so I have to bid you farewell. I’ll see you at six.”

“Good bye Jade.”

“Good bye Adam.”

He waited until the phone went dead before he hung up his phone. Well, Carley’s office phone. He didn’t want to give too much away. Not yet.

He grinned. This was going to be good. “Change of plans Carley,” he yelled through the open door. “Buster’s instead. Let the others know.” He’d let Carley tell Tyrell. That man hated any change in his organized schedule.

Carley walked back into the office, her footsteps muted on the plush grey carpet, but she couldn’t hide the stumble in her step. “Buster’s? You’re taking a woman to a ... chain restaurant?” Carley’s voice told him she was shocked, the look she gave him from behind those grandmotherly eyeglasses hinted at her question of his sanity.

“Is that a problem?”

“I ... I don’t know.” She patted the tight coiffure of silver curls, and adjusted her glasses. “I’ve never worked with them...”

“How hard can it be?” Adam leaned back in Carley’s coveted chair, folded his hands behind his head and shot her the cocky look that he knew irritated her to no end. Just for fun, he propped his crossed ankles on her desk. “They should jump at the offer. I’m bringing in fifteen tables, and I’ve been told I’m a pretty good tipper.” Maybe he’d have to add a family to his cast of players. Damn. There wasn’t time.

“That’s not it and you know it.” Carley stormed over and knocked his feet to the floor. “Marc’s restaurant is used to you high and mighty types. I’m not sure Buster’s is willing to close its doors for an hour so you can dine in peace.”

Adam stood, framed her lined face in his hands, kissed each cheek, and then sat her down in her chair that he’d just vacated so she could get to work on his project. “I trust you to work your magic. Buster’s off Huntington Drive at six.” He crossed the room, surprised when she didn’t bluster after him. “And Carley?” He turned in the doorway. “I’ll need at least three.”

He couldn’t decipher her grumblings, but he would put money on swear words. “Three what?”

“Three hours.” He winked, and then took off down the hallway before his words registered, and a stapler could fly at his head.

Doesn't this sound fun ... and juicy? Here are some links for more, and a buy link that will be live on Monday.

Olivia's website link

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