Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday Flash Holiday Blog Tour

Welcome to your next stop on LSB's Sunday Flash Holiday Blog Tour. You should have come here from Emily Ryan-Davis' blog. To start from the beginning of the tour, go to Liquid Silver's SEx blog. Now that you've made it to stop #3, may I offer you some hot buttered rum?

Or perhaps something more tropical ...

Ahhh, that's better. While you're here, feel free to explore my blog, open some books and read some hot excerpts. I have a Free Read available for download, and a new release.

Now, back to flashing. You will find the next installment of each author's flash in the comments below, including my flash, "The Invitation." The next stop on the tour is Jeanne Barrack's blog.

Thanks for playing with us. Feel free to flash, comment, or just sit back and enjoy the stories. And after the tour, you're invited to join us for an open house chat at Gem Sivad's place.

I'll see you there ... is the next round on you? ;)


Roscoe James said...

Morning Juniper. Oh yeah. I'll have one of those hot buttered rums. Well, actually, make it two. ** snicker **

Just walking through checking out everyone's blog before we get started. I'll be back by later.

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

I'm on a personal mission to gain 10 lbs of eggnog weight by Christmas Day. :)

Thanks for hosting this stop on the tour!

Christmas at the Manporium (me & Elise Logan) - 2

Making the most of her wait time, Noelle went to work on her Christmas list. Phase-shifter goggles for Ari, pleather gloves for Mora, a retractable cord holder for Kendall, a... Huh. Frowning, she keyed Kendall's number and fitted the Brilliantfone's wireless receiver to her ear. Kendall answered before the second tone, her oval face appearing in the upper right corner of the 'fone's screen. Skipping preliminaries, Noelle said, "I don't know what to get for Brenda."

Jolie Cain said...

Early Christmas Present #3-Jolie Cain

Wait a minute. He knew those eyes. That mouth. Oh, my God. It was..."Katie?" He gulped, his voice raspy and doubtful. Surely it wasnt really...

Ah, hi,"

He just shook his head, dumbfounded. was unbelievable. She was his best friend's little sister. He'd taught her to ride a bike. To tie her shoe, for chrissakes. For years he'd considered her almost like family. His gaze skimmed over her. He wasn't thinking about family now. His body had sprung to life as soon as he'd seen her, his tiredness vanished like it had never existed. And his headache had been replaced by another kind of ache. Good God, shelooked good enough to eat. He was having a hard time wrapping his mind around the idea that Katie, sweet little Katie, was the nearly-naked siren sprawled gloriously across his king-sized bed.

Viv Arend said...

No rum, yet. Working the other hot substances first!

Jolie Cain said...

Yum. The rum sounds delish. :)

Roscoe James said...

And the flashes are better. Lol.

Roscoe James said...

Another classic…

Jingle Balls

Jingle balls
Jingle balls
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
When Martha’s on the…

…okay, Alanna. We can make it Jerry’s on the sleigh!

Alanna Coca said...

Cabin Fever by Alanna Coca Chapter three
Madison came awake slowly. She nuzzled the warmth against her cheek, and moaned in pleasure. She didn’t want to wake up if this was a dream. In reality, she was walking through deep snow, but here she was surrounded by heat, even her toes tingled almost painfully. She might be dying, and the good Lord above had decided to send her this hallucination to grant her a merciful death.
“Waking up, are ya?”
Maddie’s eyes snapped open. The voice came from above her head, and she could feel the vibration against her ear. She wasn’t in the wilderness about to die. She was in a log cabin. The heat wasn’t her imagination, it was the combination of a roaring fireplace and a bare-chested man holding her on the hearth. Slowly, in case it was a mirage that she wasn’t yet ready to dispel, Madison looked up, and into two blue eyes, bluer than any other she’d seen. A square jaw, a crooked nose, and a thick head of unruly brown hair that curled over his ears. She reached up to trace the edge of his five o’clock shadow, and since it was her hallucination, she pulled her angel’s face down and kissed him.

Juniper Bell said...

Welcome to my blog, it's a thrill to have so many great authors stopping by! The rum seems to be a hit, but personally I'm going for the margarita, since I'm still on the Cote d'Azur with my characters ....

The Invitation - #3

“Look, honey, I’m not the bad guy here. Just tell me where she is, and...”

“Looking for me, cheri?” The throaty voice, that of the vixen he’d been chasing across Europe, stopped him cold.
To celebrate this long-awaited moment, Kent allowed his eyes to take their time as they traveled up her body. The experience was like driving an Alfa Romeo around a curvy mountain road. Her hips were barely covered by a short sarong, and her swelling breasts seemed to clamor for release from her bikini top. The sweet line of her waist, nestled between luscious hips and breasts, made him dizzy. Good thing he was flat on his back.

On the other hand, the last time he was flat on his back with Ariane, he’d lost a fortune.

Jeanne Barrack said...

MATING RITUAL #3 ~ Jeanne Barrack
Khat pushed Mark against the gazebo’s wooden wall and gripped the nape of his neck.
Their lips and tongues joined and he thrust his groin against Mark, loving the feel of the rough denim abrading his naked cock beneath the material.
Mark shoved his hand down the front of Katkool's jeans, rubbing his aching prick.
Khat purred. Sweat trickled down his chest. Too hot. Too many clothes.
He pulled off his top.
Finally, they were skin to skin.
And the Ritual grew heated.

Viv Arend said...

Roscoe, I'm surprised you haven't brought out 'Jangle Bells' yet.

I've got an old tomcat, and Santa is his name
I keep him nice and fat
But he hates me just the same
He got at me today with those needles in his paws
and now I'm wearing bandages on account of
Santa's claws.....ohhhhhhhhh!

Dee Carney said...

Good morning y'all. Here we go!

Stranded (or something) #3:

"Yes, his name is Gray Garrison."
Before Noami could reply, the subject of their discussion approached the counter and stood next to her. The subtle hint of soap and aftershave settled into the air when he stopped moving. The mildly intoxicating scent reminded her of spring and sunshine. After today, the smell would probably remind her of hot sex during a rainstorm.
And Noami was stunned.
Into silence.
And immobility.
As the pilot scribbled something onto a pad, he flashed another dazzling smile at Naomi and her heart fluttered.
Whoa. She should not be reacting like this. Staring at him in abject amazement belied her professional demeanor. He was just a (very fine) man--her employee technically.
She'd be certain to send her assistant some flowers as thanks for the eye candy.

Viv Arend said...

Six Pack Ranch, Book 2

His grip loosened and he stroked his fingers over hers, a fleeting touch with the back of his hand caressing her skin. The course hair on his arm tickled her as he moved past her wrist, his body tight to hers, his lips hovering over her ear. The loud beat of music shook the room. The table. Her body. It had to be the music; it wasn’t her pulse making her shake so hard.

The warmth of his breath brushed her neck, sending a shiver through her. “You sure—completely sure—about this?” He drew back and cupped her chin in his hand, supporting her without locking her in place. “I’ve been around a lot of animals in my lifetime, and I know when one’s skittish. You may have the most come-hither attitude and sexy stare I‘ve ever seen, but your body is telling me a different story.”

PG Forte said...

Thank you, Juniper. A Margarita sounds perfect. Maybe I'll just skip the coffee.

Rapture - #3

It was dark when he awoke. He could hear the clock ticking faintly from the table beside his bed and the hush of traffic in the street outside. His chest ached. His throat felt parched and dry—raw, as though he'd been crying out for hours. But he remembered now where the dreams were set, and wondered how he could ever have forgotten the Isla Mujeres, the time he had spent there, her.

“Merita,” he murmured sleepily, smiling to himself. Turning over, he surrendered himself back to sleep, feeling vaguely as though something important had been decided.

Roscoe James said...

Touching Eve

“Yes,” he said falling out of character with a growl. “How?”

Eve sat her wine glass on the mantel and turned. She ran her finger along the line of her neck and said, “First we must prepare you. I believe you’re overdressed.”

He stared into her eyes as he shrugged out of his dinner jacket. As much as she liked what his eyes said she thought the blatant stare was uncalled for. In three long strides she was standing face to face with him. Her voice was full of menace when she said, “Did I say you could look at me?”

His eyes fell to the space between their bodies. Her smile went unseen.

Alanna Coca said...

Oh, Jerry's on the sleigh huh?

Is Jerry cute :D

Juniper Bell said...

Is Jerry dressed?

Jeanne Barrack said...

Jerry Lewis???
Come on down to my blog and send those comments!

Roscoe James said...

She looked good enough to eat... really, Jolie? Wait, point her out... Great flashes here.

Christa said...

Reunion part 3

Freaking traffic! Kaitlin scowled at the digital time on her dashboard. At this speed of two miles per hour, she’d get there after he got off the plane, went through customs and retrieved his luggage.

No, no, no, that was not part of her fairy tale reunion fantasy. In her perfect dream, he disembarked, got a glimpse of her, dropped his bags and rushed over to where she stood. Then, he’d lift her in his arms and spin her around while kissing her with unbridled passion.

Between her thighs, in her most feminine center, a throbbing pulse echoed her flight of fancy. She squeezed her legs together, trying to stave off her growing need.

At this point, Kaitlyn wondered if they’d even make it to the car before she ripped his BDU cammies off and ravished, him.

Gem Sivad said...

Hi again. The stories are pulling me along.


Roscoe James said...

Drinks at Darcie’s Place

But she saw something else in his eyes. A challenge. She returned the challenge with a ‘look’ and went for the bate.

“Hey, dude. I was born ‘up’.”

“That’s nice to hear.” His chuckle was warm, his touch was enticing, his smile was mischievous.



“What’s the ‘that’ that I might not be up to?”

“Oh… ‘that’. Well,” he leaned closer and his open palm fell on her shoulder. She wasn’t about to flinch. She leaned into him until her breasts touched his chest. “Well, I collect things.”

Juniper Bell said...

Flash Race #3

(Sorry, my last one may have been short ... I'll make up for it.)

"Are you ..."

"Turn your head."

When she didn't move right away, a strong hand grasped the back of her neck. Such a shudder of heat went through her that she nearly fainted. To pull herself together, she fastened her eyes on a couple slow-dancing next to the fountain. They were touching, rubbing up against each other -- without losing control of their senses. What was happening? It wasn't possible for a stranger to have this effect on her. It wasn't normal. Something very unusual was going on here.

She turned her head.

And blinked, utterly dazzled by the man who stood by her side, one hand on her neck, the other reaching for her elbow. A glow surrounded him. Something otherwordly, supernatural.

"Who are you?"

This time she didn't say the words ... but he still understood.

Beth said...

Like all the stories so far.
Roscoe, do you have complete lyrisc for those songs or just the little bits you're giving us?

Beth said...

Looks like PG Forte skipped this one in the race.