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Progressive Story - A Corpse, A Cop and some Canines

Welcome to the Progressive Story Blog Hop! You should have arrived here from Dee Carney's blog. If you have no clue what I'm talking about and you'd like to read this wild and crazy story from the beginning, here's the link to the chapter that started it all. And now ... on to Chapter 3 of "A Corpse, a Cop, and some Canines."


Katherina felt the purr begin deep in the base of her spine. Come closer, dirty dog. A little closer.

The wolf paused, sniffing the air. She heard his hiss. Curses. After all she’d done to lure him here. What had given her away? The girl, Jessica, continued stumbling down the dark hillside. Katherina sighed in exasperation. Humans. How did they get from one day to the next?

"Casey," panted Jessica. "There’s an officer here to help. We should make sure not to disturb the crime scene."

"Of course not, hon. I haven’t touched a thing."

Jessica reached the ditch at the bottom of the incline. The wolf, Sixkiller, still stood halfway up the hill. "Weird, I thought he was right behind me."

And then, suddenly, he was.

Jessica gave a little shriek. "How did you...?"

The wolf—admittedly a fine-looking man in his current incarnation—growled low in his throat. "Jessica, right? I suggest you step away. No need for you to get in the middle of this."

"In the middle of what?" Bewildered, the girl looked from one to the other. "You’re freaking me out, Mr. Sixkiller. I mean, Officer. Casey, do you know what he’s talking about?"

Katherina had had enough of the tiresome girl. Besides, she'd served her purpose. In a motion too quick for either Jessica or the wolf to catch she whipped out her long black tail and snaked it around Jessica like a lasso. She lifted the girl into the air.

"First of all, I’m only known as Casey to those I intend to toy with like little mice. Horrid name."

She shook the girl until her teeth rattled. "Now why don’t you listen to the nice officer and step aside. This doesn’t concern the likes of you." With that, she tossed the girl into the air once, twice—hey, a cat deserved a little fun after so much hard work—until the third toss sent her flying through the air in a perfect arc.

Katherina, whose eyes were fixed on the watchful blue gaze of Officer Sixkiller, didn’t have to watch Jessica to know where she landed. Her cat ears twitched as she heard the dull thud of one body landing on another. She rolled her eyes as the inevitable mewling and retching followed.

"Humans," she murmured to the wolf. "Honestly, how do they manage?" With the tip of her tail, she flicked a strand of hair from her face.

"They manage quite well when left alone," said the wolf in a deep voice that made the hairs on her neck prickle.

She didn’t like the feeling. Didn’t like how still he stood, how he watched her so carefully, as if he was learning everything about her. She tossed her head. "I have to amuse myself. And you’ve been getting in my way."

"I’m glad to hear it."

"I demand that you stop."

"You’re in no position to demand anything."

"Oh no?"

She prowled a step closer. How large he was. How broad across the chest, his muscles bulging inside the dull uniform. Even his thighs wanted to burst the seams. A prime hunk of animal trapped in clumsy human clothing. Again the purr rose through her body, her sensual side making itself felt. Maybe she could have a little fun with the wolf before shutting him down. Twine herself around him, let his big hands stroke her, rub her head against that fascinating lump in his uniform pants. Wolves and cats could mate when they took human form. She’d heard a few stories.

"Perhaps we should try a friendly negotiation. Put our...heads together." Her purr filled the velvety night air and mingled with his growl. His wolf scent, smoky and harsh, made her head spin.

"I’m all for peaceful negotiations." He sounded amused. Her hand brushed the massive outlines of his arousal. "As long as you don’t mind an audience."

From the trees, a wolf loped toward them. Then another, and another. Until Katherina realized they were surrounded. The pack had arrived.

To be continued at Ann Marie Gamble's blog. Here's a little bit about her.

Ann Marie Gamble is allergic to cats and doesn't really care about chocolate. She's writing a novel about a woman who discovers she was the secret baby, and trying to get a multitude of other characters to wait their turn.

Sounds fascinating, and I can't wait to read Chapter Four!

Feel free to explore my blog and check out excerpts from my books. Hot off the presses, I have a free read available from Samhain. Just click on the "Thanking the Receptionist" cover, but be warned, it's strictly for adults. ;)

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