Friday, February 26, 2010

Training the Receptionist: Adult Excerpt #2

He pulled my nipples again, hard, and again my body arched back against him. I felt his erection press against my ass. The thought that I’d given Simon that hard-on made me even more excited. I wanted him to ravage me with it. Grind it deep. I squirmed and panted, but he wouldn’t let me get closer to his cock.

Instead, he kept pulling at my nipples. Something drummed deep inside me. Every time he squeezed my breasts, the hot drumbeat grew stronger. He seemed to have utter control over what was going on inside me. I tried to get a grip on myself. What was I doing here, how did I end up half-naked, those magic hands governing my nipples?

An excitement so intense I thought I might explode made me forget anything but the feelings growing inside me. I forgot about controlling myself, about being professional, about anything except the pleasure overwhelming my senses. I gave in to it. I had to. My body bucked helplessly. Everything went blurry. I didn’t know where I was any more. I didn’t know who I was.

And then…

He let go of me, and I staggered back against him. For a horrible moment a black hole opened in front of me, a hole in which there was no Simon and no satisfaction. No excitement, no mystery. In that one instant I knew nothing was going to be the same. I had to stay out of that dark place, no matter what it took.

I whimpered pitifully and turned my head to plead with him silently. I put my hands to my breasts and lifted them up toward his mouth. Did I care if I was begging? Hell, no. I’d have crawled on the carpet if it got him to touch me again.

“Want more?”


“Yes, what?”

Yes, you gorgeous mother-effer. “Yes, please.” I said as politely as I could with my wobbly voice. “Boss,” I added, for extra points.

“Your hands are supposed to be behind your head, remember?”

Oops. I scrambled to get the hair back up onto my head, but he stilled my hands.

“Never mind that now. Go stand by the window.”

My throat closed on a squeak of protest. Sure, we were on an upper floor, but what about the people in the building across the street?


I went. Apparently I had no ability to resist a command from Simon. When I reached the picture window, I stopped. I saw no movement in the offices across the way. Glancing nervously down at the street, all I saw were the oblivious tops of people’s heads.

“Put your hands on the glass.” His voice right behind me made me jump, but also made me unbearably happy.

Gingerly, I did what he said, spreading my arms wide as though hugging the glass. My sweaty hands slipped a little on the smooth surface.

“The bad news is I’m afraid I have to punish you. The good news is I’m going to make you come. Are you okay with that?”

With which? Or both? Did I deserve to be punished? Did it matter? My pussy was throbbing with anticipation. Of the punishment or the orgasm or both, I wasn’t sure.

I gave a little nod. Next thing I knew I felt a sharp slap on my ass. The fabric of my skirt protected me, but didn’t stop the heat slamming into my groin like a cruise missile. I squirmed and whimpered. Another slap made me groan. Another flurry of whacks peppered my behind. By the time he stopped, I was panting and so turned on I could have come right there against the glass. Simon caressed my ass, and for one dizzy moment I thought he was about to pull up my skirt and fuck me.

No such luck.

Instead he brought his hands around to my front, to my nipples. It seemed like forever since he’d touched my tits. I eagerly thrust forward into his hands.

“I thought you might like to know that the guys in the law firm across the street have binoculars permanently aimed at our office.”

Oh God. I started to jerk away, but his hands closed on my nipples and my body was no longer mine to command.

He must have licked his fingers, because when their cool slickness flicked my breasts, my body reacted like a neutron bomb. Two hard pinches, fingers tugging at my aching nubs, and a mind-blowing orgasm burst over me. Everything went black and red. I was like a little rowboat capsized by a giant wave of pleasure. My body jerked and twisted, totally out of control. I forgot everything, the office, the lawyers across the street, my punishment. The intense waves kept coming and coming the more he pulled at my nipples. I tried to get away from those maddening fingers, but he wouldn’t allow it. Instead, he stayed with me, his strong fingers tight on my flesh.

“Let yourself go, don’t fight it,” he murmured in my ear. The two of us rode it out as I shrieked and shuddered from the intense orgasm.

When it was over, I felt dazed, like I was coming out of a coma. Simon held me up, which was a good thing, because otherwise I would have slid to the floor like a deflating blow-up doll. Sweat cooled on my skin. My heart still raced at about ten times its normal speed. I have to admit, I was a little freaked. How could he make me come just by spanking me and playing with my nipples? I mean, is that normal? My body loved it, but my mind had a few questions. One in particular.

“Are you serious about the lawyers?”

“No. That building is empty. I wanted to see how you’d react. I’m quite pleased.” He stroked the damp skin of my stomach.

Well, goody for me. Sanity started to return like a cold shower. I stared down at the carpet, chewing on my bottom lip. Reality’s a bitch after something like that. I mean, I’d just had the most intense orgasm of my life…thanks to my brand new boss. What now? Even though I hadn’t read the employee manual (if there even was one), I was pretty sure it didn’t deal with proper post-orgasm procedure. What is the appropriate thing to say? “Thanks, that was great, you’ve got a call holding on line two?”

Luckily, Simon took charge. He briskly put my clothes back on me, including the jacket, and turned me toward the door. “Excellent start. A few areas to work on.”

Huh? I gaped at him like I was mentally challenged. A good orgasm does that to you. Turns your brain to marshmallow fluff.

"Training the Receptionist" comes out March 2 from Samhain Publishing.

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