Monday, March 1, 2010

New Release Excerpt Monday

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I'm very excited to be participating in Excerpt Monday for the first time. For more about Excerpt Monday, check out this website or click on the banner above. Here's an adult excerpt from "Training the Receptionist," due out tomorrow from Samhain Publishing.

Savoring every moment, I fought to stop my own release so I could appreciate his. But it was a pointless battle. In the next instant, the earthquake struck. My body flew apart into a million pieces. The top of my head blew off. Some kind of sound burst from my throat, but I had no ears to hear it. No eyes to see anything besides the bright sun that consumed my world in an explosion of ecstasy.

The first thing I heard when I came back to earth was Simon’s voice in my ear. “All mine, sweet,” he said. Redundant, but apparently he felt the need to repeat it.

The next thing I heard was the sound of someone clapping.

Someone clapping? That wasn’t right. My eyes flew open and tried to focus. Outside our pool of light, in the shadows of the doorway, stood a dark figure. What the fuck? I twisted around on Simon’s lap to face the intruder. Simon hugged strong arms around me.


“Simon. And Dana. Well done.”

“I didn’t expect you back until tomorrow.” Simon’s voice was tight.

“I was lucky enough to catch an earlier flight.”

Why on earth were they discussing travel plans while I was all bare-breasted and wet-pussied in front of them?

“We need to talk,” Simon said to Ethan.


“Yes. There are some things we need to discuss.”

“Unusual.” He had a voice like gravel. And that killer British accent.


“May I approach?”

Simon paused. I tensed. “Yes,” he said.

Ethan Cowell stepped forward. I held my breath as he came close. When the light hit his face, I saw he was not at all what I’d imagined. He wasn’t all suave the way he sounded on the phone. He looked rugged, with graying blond hair and ice blue eyes, like a Norwegian ski champion.

He stepped closer. My nostrils flared, like an animal picking up a strange scent. Something wild and promising, like the ozone you smell in the air before it rains. When he stood before me, scanning my body, I shrank back against Simon. A silent current of communication ran between us. Simon’s grip around my waist made me feel secure, not trapped. I knew it was a test. Could I handle Ethan Cowell?

“Beautiful,” said Ethan. He reached out and touched one of my nipples.

Already hard, it stiffened even more. How had he known my nipples still craved some contact? He touched it lightly, then flicked the other one. My body reacted with a little jump. Simon’s arms tightened around me. His cock twitched against my leg. He was enjoying this. And surprisingly, I didn’t feel the panic I’d expected. Instead, a weird thrill went through me. There was something in Ethan’s touch, something electric and alien.

Safe in Simon’s arms, I sighed and surrendered to the pleasure of having my breasts caressed by this stranger. I wasn’t alone in my arousal. Simon was rock hard. I was starting to drift into a narco-haze when Simon pulled me away.

“No, Ethan. It’s not going to work. I’ve decided to let Dana go.”

That snapped me right out of it. “We already talked about this!”

“But I haven’t changed my mind, darling.”

Ethan looked back and forth between the two of us. “I can resolve this very simply. Dana, you’re rehired. I’m the senior partner, and I have ultimate authority over personnel decisions.”

Simon jumped to his feet, dragging me with him. “Maybe so, but there’s one decision that’s not up to you. I quit.”

“What?” Ethan narrowed his eyes to slits of quartz. My mouth gaped open.

“Dana, you’re coming with me!” With one hand, Simon yanked me across the room. His other hand was busy trying to zip his pants over his erection. We must have been quite a sight. My blouse was still hanging open, and my skirt halfway up my thighs.

“Hey!” I dug in my heels and leaned back. We probably looked like some kind of cartoon. An X-rated Road Runner. “Stop!”

We stopped right at the door, in the shadows. I lowered my voice so only Simon could hear. “This isn’t about me, is it?”

“What are you talking about? Of course it is.”

“No. It’s you. You’re not trying to protect me. You’re trying to protect yourself.”

In the dimness, I could barely make out his face, but I didn’t need eyes to know how Simon felt. I felt it in my bones, in my skin.

“Okay, I admit it,” he said, reluctantly. “It’s me.”


“It turns out I don’t want to share you.”

Share me.

Once again, a strange shiver danced through my body. Not disgust, like you would think. More like fascination. Anticipation. Yeah, something like that.

“You’re mine, Dana. Not Ethan’s. Mine.”

“Oh, Simon,” I said slowly. “My heart is yours. Completely yours. The rest…”

“What are you saying?”

I drew close to him, close enough to whisper in his ear. His cheek brushed against mine, and I felt the beginnings of stubble, smelled the scent of our sex. Heard again the sound of Ethan Cowell clapping. “I…liked it. With you and him, together.”


“I started imagining all the possibilities. Doesn’t it turn you on, thinking about it?”

"Training the Receptionist" is coming out on March 2 from Samhain Publishing.

Happy Excerpt Monday!

Juniper Bell


Armenia said...

Whew!! One hot excerpt. I'm lovin it!!! Can't wait. Congratulations on your release, Juniper.

Juniper Bell said...

Thank you so much, Armenia!! I can't wait either. ;) Tomorrow's the day!