Friday, February 4, 2011

GO WILD is out!

Tips from Wild, Alaska on how to survive a long, hard winter:

1. Throw a party

2. Make it last all weekend

3. Follow one rule – “Anything goes, nothing counts.”


Tonight, you're invited to Wild Nights 2011!

Let off a little steam, crank up the heat, and see what happens when Lars Nordegren pulls out all the stops to get Katia Pollard to say “yes.”

Go Wild

Juniper Bell

Lars loves Katia. Katia loves Lars. Lars wants to marry Katia. Can he convince his free-spirited lover that marriage will be as fun as her sexually adventurous single days?

Never before has Katia been tempted to give up her carefree ways. She’s deeply in love with Lars, but she doesn’t know if he can handle her wild side—or needs.

But Lars is a hard man to resist. The former Olympic champion won’t give up—not when he knows just how to please her.

The people of Wild, Alaska know the best way to survive winter is to let off a little steam. When Lars’ buddies hit town for Wild Nights, a notorious winter festival with one rule—“anything goes, nothing counts”—he jumps at the chance to prove he’s the perfect man for Katia.

He vows to win her over, even if it takes four rugged Alaska men and one wildly erotic night in a sauna.

Note: Features an extended ménage (M/F/M/M/M), anal play and references to bondage experimentation and sexual escapades of all types.


Morgan O'Reilly said...

It doesn't get any hotter than this wild tale! Whew!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Wow, what a way to warm up a winter night!