Friday, February 11, 2011

Spreading the Love - Valentine's Blog Tour

I'm Juniper Bell, and welcome to my stop on the Valentine's Blog Hop. I've got a lot of love to spread around right now -- I just got married! Six weeks ago I said "I do" (figuratively speaking, since we used our own version of the vows.) What amazes me the most about marriage is that someone agreed to put up with all my quirks and flaws and neuroses on a permanent basis. And vice versa, of course. There's something incredibly moving about that, which helped inspire my interpretation of the beautiful photograph chosen for this blog hop. So, flowers are nice...

sexy lingerie is fun...
but true love trumps it all.

“What’d you say?” Olivia stared down at Randall, a silly, unstoppable grin spreading across her face.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to make me say it again.” He made laughing, puppy dog eyes at her. That same look had gotten her into this fix—out on a date with him, into bed with him, and now...

“No, don’t you dare! If you say it again I’ll have to smack you.” She hoped her smile took the sting out of her words. “We talked about this, remember?”

“You talked, but you didn’t make any sense. This makes sense.”

“What kind of sense? You could have anyone. Someone who can give you what you want. What you need. I told you from day one.”

“Trying to scare me off. Told you it wouldn’t work—from day one.”

She saw the determination in the set of his jaw. He was different, this man. She’d always known it, which was why she’d been honest with him from the start. He was different and wonderful, and he deserved better than her. But the thought of giving him up gave her an ache in the pit of her stomach.

“So…you don’t care?” She whispered.

“Course I care. About you. About the future we’re going to have. The family we’re going to have.”

Her breath caught. “But I told you—“

“I know, baby. I know. I remember every word. I had to look some of them up in a medical dictionary, but I remember. There’s a word you left out, though.”



She bit her lip and looked down at the rose in his hand. Of course she hadn’t mentioned adoption. Most men she dated didn’t want to hear about that kind of stuff.

“There’s another word too. Love. I love you, Olivia, and that’s it. End of story. The rest is details. Nothing we can’t work out.”

Her eyes filled with tears.

“Now are you going to say yes before my knees dig holes in this floor?”

Her smile held all the “yes” he could ever want.

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Thanks for stopping by! Here's the link to get back on the tour bus. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!

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ladydi6497 said...


I love that story. It is true that we have reservations about relationships when there are serious issues.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Darkreader said...

That's Love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa Fox said...

Congrats!!! And what a great story!

happy Valentine's Day!

cheralyn said...

Very nice story. Happy Valentine's Day!

Frostedbetty said...

I would sure love to get some flowers from that guy ;) Happy Valentines Day!

Cathy M said...

What wonderful news, Juniper, congratulations and happy valentine's day to you.

Selena said...

Congrats on your recent marriage. Enjoy your first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

Beth said...

Lovely story.
And your new EC book is on my wish list.

joder said...

That is such a sweet post with words that I would love to hear. Such an awesome man and if she hadn't said yes, I'd take him. lol.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, congratulations on being newly married. Love and happiness forever.

Stephanie said...

Aww That's a Sweet example of true love at its best!! And you EC book at its steamyist!! lol

Juniper Bell said...

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the wedding congrats! I'm glad you like my rose story -- it's much sweeter than what I normally write (understatement!) but I love the sweet stuff just as much as the steamy. They both have their place, ya know? LOL

Donna said...

This is a great short, but I really, really love your steamy and snarky books.

Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing much happiness to you!


Gabrielle Lee said...

Nice post and great pics. Big congrats on your wedding!

Kim S. said...

Great story Juniper, thanks! And congrats on your recent nuptials!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Cindy L said...

Congrats!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah said...

Wonderful story! Thanks :-)

smaccall @