Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Review and Blog Hop Wrap-up

I'm still recovering from the fabulous Year of the Rabbit Blog Hop. I hope you got a chance to check it out ... there were some great stories and lots of hellacious mancandy. Congratulations to my winner, PATRICIA! And thanks to everyone who voted for my story as their favorite ... I placed second, which is a thrill.

Now, on to something even more thrilling. GO WILD received a wonderful review today from Lea at Blackravens Reviews. I'm posting it here, or you can click over to the site for more.

Lea’s Review:

I will begin by saying that Juniper Bell is one of my personal favorites among the up and coming sensuous romance writers. She writes in a style that is uplifting and enjoyable with both humor and passionate sexual elements interwoven in her books, while also offering an undercurrent of a moral to the story or, at the very least, something to prick your conscience to think about a situation in a new way.

In Go Wild, Lars and Katia are deeply in love. Katia sees their relationship as perfect just as it stands but Lars wants to make their commitment permanent by getting married. Katia refuses, and Lars simply doesn’t understand why Katia doesn’t want to marry him. It takes time and effort to figure things out, but once he understands the reasons behind her hesitancy, his winning competitive spirit as an Olympic athlete comes to the fore and he decides on a plan to show Katia the error in her thinking.

While light and sexy on the surface, there is a deeper side to Go Wild that explores the ways we sometimes allow our past to determine our future; how we permit opinions and perceptions heaped on us by others throughout our lives to wound us and become part of how we define ourselves. In Katia’s case it takes some thoughtful planning on the part of her lover and his friends to help her see the light. It is a powerful message that instead of reacting in anger or dismay over a misunderstanding, with perseverance, trust, an open mind and true love there is way to heal and move on.

In this story, Wild Nights is a festival held in the town in Alaska where Katia and Lars live. It provides the perfect background for this lesson in love. Knowing that Juniper Bell lives in Alaska, I wonder whether there is a Wild Nights festival in her area. If so, I would certainly appreciate an invitation to visit.

Go Wild is sure to be enjoyed by all who appreciate a well told story with wonderful steamy sex scenes with multiple partners and an HEA ending.

Rated 5 Ravens by Lea!


As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited about this review! Thank you to Lea and Blackravens Cafe.

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